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Nataša (Natasha) Vugrinec
Contact Person Slovenia
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I was born in 1978 and since I was a child I tried all kinds of sports and activities.

I was first introduced to seakayaking in 2002 by some friends and we did a beautiful multi day trip around some islands in Croatia. My friend used to say:"This is the last genuine and unspoiled outdoor sport in Europe." Now I am the first ACA certified seakayaking instructor in Slovenia.

I have paddled for years and did expeditions to some of the most beautiful locations in Europe such as Cornwall, East and west coast of Sweden, Croatia, Venice, islands of Greece etc.
I also did some canoe and whitewater paddling, but for now seakayaking is the greatest love.

I’m currently a graphic designer, but I did a lot of other jobs over the years, from writing articles for outdoor sports magazines to tourist group guiding in Iceland.
I love outdoor sports in general and I am also a member of the Alpine club. I do some rock and mountain climbing, ski touring, backcountry skiing, diving – and I very much love to travel and explore our beautiful mother earth and as I do so, I take care to preserve it unspoiled.
I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge and enthusiasm with others also in the future.

Instructor - Level 3: Coastal Kayaking
Skills Assessment - Coastal Kayaking Day Trip Leading

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